Altcoin Portfolio Management in a Bear Market

Portfolio Allocation

How Active an Altcoin Trader Are You?

SOLANA epic bull run 2021
SOL ran for 8 weeks straight without any hesitation. CoinRotator helps you stay in these epic runs.

Less Ideal Exit Strategies

Often times a bad trade will allow you an exit point before the real negative price excursion begins.

Build an Uncorrelated Altcoin Portfolio

Most of these are unavailable at Binance or FTX so be aware of the shitcoin exchange liquidity risks.
Correlation above .3 or below -.3 is the equivalent of adding leverage to a spot position so it’s best to remove 1 of 2 that have a high rating.

Position Size Allocation for a Long Only Portfolio

Long Short Portfolio Allocation

Fresh weekly short signals on CoinRotator for a balanced portfolio



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