Building A Consistently Profitable CoinScreener

5 min readMar 4, 2023


I suck at marketing. There’s no other way to say it. For two years now my team and I have been building a profitable coin screener app but nobody knows about it.

I am in multiple discords, I have posted on Reddit, I even made a few quiet youtube videos.

It seems the crypto world does not need a coin screener. Which is a shame as it generates predictable results.

Looking back over the past 12 months in google sheets, the daily listed trend condition HODL to UPtrend has generated, on average a 1.5R on capital at risk.

reminder: for the first 6 months we were in a nasty bear market and still discovered profitable Uptrends!

Month after month, CoinRotator has been alerting followers of consistently profitable coin trends

Based on a year of historical data in Google sheets, our daily trend condition of “HODL to UPtrend” has generated an average return on investment of 1.5R. This means that for every unit of USDT, BTC, or ETH that you risk, you can expect to receive a return of 1.5 units on average.

That’s about as good as it gets. So why are people not flooding the site or the free bots we issued on Telegram and Discord? You can follow these alerts each day without any conditions.

Here are a few things we are not doing well.

  1. We are not creating any sense of urgency, that this is the greatest most profitable trading alert method in all of crypto. People want to think they are going to make huge returns with almost no risk. But it's not that simple. The consistency is no more than 65% and some coins never returned any gains.
  2. Our social media is inconsistent and too technical for most casual crypto participants. As an experienced trader, it has been a struggle to make things as simple as possible without diluting the message. We have tried to engage newbies on discord with q&a but most just want reassurance that their earlier buy is not going to go to zero (which is not what CoinRotator really does).
  3. Our navigation is obscure. When you come to the CoinRotator screener it is not easy to navigate or even understand what the functionality does. Again, for an experienced trader, it is intuitive, but not for a casual user.
  4. We split our target market between traders and investors. Are we a trading screener or a sentiment measurement of the total market for investors to know if the bull run is finished? We are trying to be both and somehow deleting the product for all who access it.
  5. We are not actually selling a product. We are building a tool but it doesn’t seem to look like a tool the market needs. It works well when you engage with it, but there are some pain points to getting people to come back each and every day.


We will launch an entirely new interface with an easier more immediate navigation with presets and screeners which don’t require you to sort through data for more than a second of your time.

CoinRotator V2, slated for March 2023 release
  1. Exchange Screener
  2. Narrative Screener
  3. Low Market Cap Screener
  4. Futures Screener
  5. Watchlist Screener

In addition, we have launched a Market Health sentiment indicator which works like a market internals health check. This is inspired by the trad-fi world which has a daily up and down total metric which is used by all major traders and brokers each day to determine how good or bad the market is.

It has proven quite predictive for shifts in market sentiment. Any trader or investor who heeded the warnings at the end of February was able to realize outsized gains in 2023 thus far.

We have made the data more accessible with discord bots and telegram bots.

  1. 4hr trend alerts (with exits coming soon) for the more active trader
  2. Weekly trend updates on Telegram (released at 1:00 CET)
Coin analysis written by our veteran researcher

We have added brief more succinct analysis for important categories and popular coins. You can find these on the screener for each category, coin or preset in V2.


And we finally built a custom watchlist screener. So you can create your own coin list from anywhere on CoinRotator. Simply click on the star next to the token and it will be saved in the cache. As long as you keep the same browser, you can have your watchlist. We will add wallet caching for this in 2023 as well.

What more can you expect from CoinRotator in 2023?

Performance metrics for the individual Trend updates.

Although we do not want to claim this is a stand-alone trading system it is nonetheless important to all users that they know what these Trend updates have done with prior data. In most cases, they are net positive. For newer coins, it is extremely hard to say, but in general, if a coin has a strong trend in either direction, CoinRotator has successfully alerted followers early enough for them to profit from it.

Exit Alerts for Intraday and Daily Trends

It seems that taking profits is actually harder than entering at the right time in crypto. CoinRotator has almost completed a breakthrough tool to help you achieve consistency in exits which will enable active traders to take profits once their positions have achieved a reasonably sized R on their capital at risk. This should provide a great deal of value to CoinRotator users.

Trade directly from the screener

Delivering on our original promise to become a toolkit for traders and investors, CoinRotator users will be able to make trades through popular dexes and aggregators. We are testing multiple partners and will launch this before the end of the year.

One thing is certain I will not stop building. This has been a passion project of mine and the few active users are finding a lot of value in accessing our database on a regular basis.

I look forward to seeing how the rest of 2023 turns out for CoinRotator and crypto in general.

If you have any questions about how to use CoinRotator please don’t hesitate to drop by our new telegram chat where I would be happy to give you a walkthrough.