CoinRotator Key Pass — Guide to Unlocking v3

2 min readMay 24, 2024


What is the CoinRotator Key Pass?

A way to recognize our early adopters and OG’s.

Key Pass

We’ve created an on-chain Key Pass marking you as an original ‘rotator’ on This non-convertible Key Pass is required to access enhanced features, including v3 (advanced data points, lower time frames) and the TradingView indicator.*

v3 —

This Key Pass is available for a limited time and distributed to active community contributors, first come first serve.

How to acquire a CoinRotator Key Pass

Fill out the form. Choose a wallet you control, as this Key Pass is essential for future CoinRotator data layers and features.

Once you've done that we’ll be in touch via Discord.

Key Pass Benefits

Early direct access to all advanced features:

  • Lower time frame (LTF) Market-wide screener
  • Futures Data screener (Advanced data points)

TradingView Indicator

Private telegram chat

Beta testing access for subsequent features:

  • DEX / CEX Filter
  • Low FDV filter
  • Volume screener
  • plus much more soon…

Check for our full-scale road map & vision

How to connect Key Pass to

Once you have filled out the form, tag one of the mods to have your submission approved and you will be sent a minting page, be sure to have a minimal amount of ETH or USDT in your “Base chain” wallet.

Connect your wallet with the CoinRotator Key Pass

Ensure you are logged in to your wallet, then connect to the platform URL which will be sent to you on manual approval.

Note: you must connect your wallet to each feature preview URL separately.

Connect to each data URL separately the first time using v3.

*Please complete this form and mint your Key Pass by June 24, 2024, to maintain access to your CoinRotator TradingView Indicator.