CoinRotator v2

3 min readMar 29, 2023


After a year in the making, the day is finally here. We are now in version 2 of the

Major Changes

CoinRotator v2
  1. Instant Navigation

With the addition of the side panel, all the usable data has been unlocked from the depths of the modal.

Screen by Daily Change — when a trend status changes it will be reflected here.

Screen by Narrative — This section will feature the most popular coins of each narrative you see on on Crypto Twitter. (suggestions always welcome)

Screen by Exchange — The most popular exchanges will be seen here

2. Trend Streak

This is a much-needed update where you can sort trends by the trend streak. The fresher the streak the more chance of a strong move. Be wary though, not all trends endure! The same can be said for downtrend streaks, this is a way to catch the stalest downtrends, perhaps a reversal is imminent!

3. Shareable Watchlists!

Shareable watchlists

See a coin you want to keep an eye on? Just click on the star icon next to the ticker and you’ll see it appear in your watchlist. Stay tuned in this section, soon there will be alerts for your favorites!

Want to share this with some friends in a chat somewhere online? Now you can do that with shareable watchlists!

4. Preselects

Some additional features that were previously hard to discover have been put on the homepage under ‘preselects’

Preselects open up CoinRotator in a new way

Now you can find the oldest trends, futures screeners and low market cap plays for when the bull market returns.

5. TradingView Indicator

We now offer an indicator to help you time your entries and exits when the Daily trend alert status updates. Remember you can access daily trend alerts from, Telegram and Discord.

If you would like a demo for this indicator, please follow the steps in this tweet:

6. Category Trend Status

check category trend status each day

We now summarize the total trend status of each category on CoinRotator. Simply check the header for the page to see what the current trend status is. We will add trend streak to this soon.

Road Map 2023–2024

  • Watchlist Alerts
  • Performance Analysis of Trends
  • Historical Market Health
  • Sector Alerts/Performance Analysis
  • Wallet based portfolio tracking
  • Custom Charts
  • Ai Database Access
  • Api Endpoints