FAQ from CoinRotator Users

4 min readDec 15, 2023


Common Questions from our Discord and Telegram chats.

How Does The CoinRotator Screener Work?

CoinRotator tracks over 1500+ cryptocurrencies. On visiting the homepage, users find these coins ordered initially by their market capitalization. Each coin is assigned a trend status: UP, DOWN, or HODL, updated daily at 01:00 UTC.

The determination of these trends hinges on the coin’s relative +/- Beta to BTC, ETH, and USDT. A coin outperforming these three will be classified as in an UP trend, while underperformance indicates a DOWN trend. In cases where the comparison is inconclusive, the coin is labeled with a HODL trend.

The three trend states of CoinRotator screener

How to Use CoinRotator for Long-Term HODL?

The coin screener categorizes coins into three trend states: uptrend, hodl, and downtrend. These states are determined by comparing the trend strength of a specific coin against synthetic pairs of BTC, ETH, and USDT. Focus on coins in the ‘uptrend’ category or showing a stable ‘hodl’ status for long-term investment opportunities.

How to get access to the v3 Beta with 1hr alerts and advanced data points?

Follow the steps in this guide. You will be required to mint a key pass on Base. This limited edition key pass is your gateway to the latest from the CoinRotator ecosystem.

How Do I Gain Access to 4hr alerts bot?

Access to the alerts is a manual process managed by the moderators. Engage actively in our community discussions on Discord, contribute on Telegram, or interact with our Twitter content to be considered for access. We limit public access as we want these alerts to remain effective without any external influence.

Alternatively, you can view the top level 4h alerts on our web app here.

Understanding Market Health and Historical Data

The Market Health oscillator, accessible at CoinRotator’s Market Health, is an overview of trend strength of the top 1000 coins. It offers an aggregated consensus view of various tokens at a given moment, valuable for daily checks to understand market trends.

For a more detailed explanation of the market health oscillator, check here.

Market Health tracks the trends of the top 1000 cryptocurrencies

How to Interpret CoinRotator Screener and Alerts?

Our screener offers multiple approaches, including a multi-timeframe approach, identifying oversold coins, and using the category screener. These methods can be accessed at Oldest Trends and Category Screener. There are countless other strategies shared throughout our social media by users and traders, feel free to explore.

Category screener is a good way to check which sectors are hot

How profitable is CoinRotator as a trading system?

CoinRotator is NOT a trading system. It is a market screener looking for specific proprietary patterns modeled on the Supertrend and range pullbacks. Like all mechanical entry methods, it has drawdowns but it is profitable in almost all time-frames and liquid markets (stocks and forex included).

For more information about how to set your expectations appropriately please google systematic traders psychology. The most important factor in mechanical trading is managing risk.

You MUST take small frequent losses or you cannot remain profitable.

Future Availability of Comprehensive Historical Trend Data

Starting in late-2024, we will provide historical data for trends for all coins, market health, and categories, offering an extensive view of past market trends for better trading decisions.

Risk Management Strategies in Trading with CoinRotator

Keep leverage as low as possible and consider a long-only strategy combined with a dynamic DCA approach. The CoinRotator TradingView indicator, available for free for a limited time here, can help manage risks and identify trading opportunities.

Measuring Market Sentiment and Approaching Trades

To measure market sentiment, we use tools like price extremes, trend streaks, and social media activity. CoinRotator.app is an aggregated coinscreener, not a mechanical trading system, but offers efficient and low-risk ways to enter profitable trades with proper risk management.

This is an ongoing FAQ and will be updated as new questions emerge. This is in no way the definitive document on how to use CoinRotator toolkit, it is a constantly evolving process driven by the community.