How to Find CEX/DEX Altcoins BEFORE They Break Out

How do you find altcoins to trade on your centralized exchange (CEX)?

For most this is Binance, CoinBase, FTX, or even the Turkish favorite BitCi. Catching these movers is usually impossible before they are up 15–30%. And even worse if you are late and you are entering at the highs.

CoinRotator screens for strength in Daily, Weekly + BULL and Bear conditions.

How to Screen for New Uptrends

Depending on your time horizon you can either check for emerging weekly or daily trends.

  1. Determine if you want to see faster or slower trends (it depends on your style of trading). Coinrotator is faster while Classic uses the slower more common settings of the Supertrend.
Trading football fan tokens like BFT? Bitci is a good bet.
Selecting multiple exchanges is easy
Gate is shitcoin central. They list virtually anything.
Pancake Swap is the best Dex on Build N Build Chain (BNB)
download from the telegram bot
Import the list into Tradingview



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