How to Search The Most Profitable Altcoins Daily

Accumulating Spot Through Trading Altcoins

Start with 1 BTC or 13.69 ETH on July 24th (we’ll come back to this date later).

The Major Benefits of this Spot Only Strategy

^No liquidation risk from using margin.

Anatomy of a Spot Altcoin Trade

Recently APE had a really nice move to the upside.

Alert issued from
BTC Up Trend Alert on July 10th
Intraday APEBTC Buy signal based on Supertrend settings 5 ATR Period , 1.5 ATR Multiplier
Daily APEBTC CoinRotator UpTrend Setup looking for a bearish close with a significant profit (10% or higher)

When an Altcoin Trade Goes Against You

One of the more profitable trades made with CoinRotator was buying Optimism on July 19th



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