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Based on our actual approach to identifying profitable altcoins to trade, CoinRotator aims to become an essential part of your crypto toolbox.


How many charts do you need to scan through each day to find something in a trend? And what if you missed it and the trend has already started? helps you identify trends easily before it's too late.

Coinrotator is designed with the general crypto user as well as the advanced crypto trend trader in mind.

CoinRotator User Guide


CoinRotator is a robust crypto market scanner designed to help both novice and expert traders identify promising altcoin trends. This tool scans the top 1500+ coins listed on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap and provides actionable insights.

Key Features

  • Multi-market Signals: CoinRotator’s scanner generates signals based primarily on the Supertrend. It aggregates data from BTC, ETH, and USDT markets to provide a comprehensive view of a coin’s strength or weakness.
  • Instant Overview: Gain a snapshot of the relative strength of specific altcoins, saving you hours of manual research.
Coinrotator coin screener

The screener enables an instant survey of the relative strength of specific altcoins in the market. This will save you hours in your quest to be ahead of the crowd in choosing which coins to Buy (and which coins to Sell).

Market Health Oscillator

CoinRotator’s Market Health Oscillator analyzes the top 1000+ coins against BTC, ETH, and USDT.

market health oscillator asses the top 1000 coins and their trend strength

Trend Status- Colors indicate the dominant trend:

  • Yellow: UpTrend
  • Red: DownTrend
  • Blue: Indecisive (HODL)

Extreme Warning: More than 600 coins in one trend suggest it’s overstretched and a reversal may be near.

Market Reversals: The tool can flag market reversals, helping you adjust positions to minimize losses.

Trend Totals: Hover over the graph to see the total number of coins in a specific trend state.

How to Use CoinRotator

Open to see the top 1500+ coins by marketcap, each labeled as Uptrend, DownTrend, or HODL against USD, ETH, and BTC.

Search: Use instant search for specific coins or categories. Newly listed coins can take a day or two to appear.

Trend Streak: Either on the screener page or on the individual coin pages, numbers show days a coin has kept its current status in relation to BTC, ETH, and USDT. Future updates will add market strength signals.

Trend streak on the screener table
Trend streak by pair

Table Sorting: Sort coins by trend state for 24 hrs or 7days, marketcap, and trend streak.

Sort table for coin screener

Customized Coin Screener

If you’re using the CoinRotator screener, you have the ability to customize many sorting functions to your liking. This is available on most pages of the screener.

Supertrend Flavor: Our CoinRotator Supertrend is specifically optimized for the crypto market (it’s twice the speed of the classic version). You can tweak the settings to classic, however.

Suptrend Flavor

Trend: Choose to see only one trend state or all trend states will appear for your other chosen filters.

  • Market Cap: This sorting option allows you to organize coins based on their market capitalization. If you are looking for microcaps or big caps, this is the setting. You can use the pre-selects or manually enter your chosen range.
toggle market cap range or enter manually
  • Trend Streak: You can sort coins based on their trend freshness or staleness. You might discover some very profitable patterns if you play around with this setting!
  • Exchange: Sorting coins by exchange is useful if you prefer to trade on a particular exchange or if you want to diversify your portfolio across multiple exchanges. Perhaps you want a DEX only screener? This is easy to filter!
  • Derivatives: This sorting option informs you which coins have leverage trading available. Note: you can always check the derivatives options for an individual coin in the markets tab of any coin page.
toggle derivatives on for the table view

Coin Page

  1. Add coin to watchlist — create a personalized crypto watchlist for coins you’ve shortlisted. Note this generates a unique url which won’t be deleted but if you change browsers it won’t appear in your cache.
  2. Trend Streak for daily trends and weekly trends
  3. Price Data- Comprehensive look at token data, along with a real-time Tradingview chart of that coin.
  4. Contract data is available by primary chain and some secondary chains.
  5. Analysis tab generated by summary from chatgpt4.
  6. Trade tab shows all available markets sorted by exchange and dex.
  7. Detailed token data
  8. Tags — Basically Categories
  9. Related coins — Coins that are of a similar marketcap sorted by clusters

Coinrotator Roadmap — We Have been busy in 2023!


TradingView Indicator for generating real-time and intraday alerts
〉Shareable URLs for categories
〉Custom sorting of categories
〉Signal alerts

Ongoing or Upcoming in 2024

〉Signal performance for individual markets

〉Enchanced Strategy tutorials — Youtube and this Medium already has some basic guides

〉Ai based chat bot for discovering specific coins

〉Charts for all coins in Coinrotator

〉Total market sentiment based on signal strength (RSI oscillator)
〉Advisory services
〉Wallet integration
〉Portfolio Management
〉In-app swaps and staking

There’s a lot coming from CoinRotator in 2024. You can always find out the freshest signals and app updates on our Twitter. @coinrotatorapp

The use of is done so at your own risk. None of the data accessible should be taken as financial advice. NFA!