Identify Profitable Altcoins with

consenus table
Coinrotator screens for the combined strength against BTC ETH and USDT

How it works

When landing on you will see the top 1000 coins ranked by market cap. Each coin displays its current strength status of Buy — Sell — HODL vs USD, ETH, and BTC. If you are seeking a specific coin there is also an instant search. Please wait at least Two to Five weeks for new coins to be listed, as the screener needs at least 5 weeks to generate its initial signal.

Advanced Filters

Many traders prefer to have more control over the screener so additional filters have been deployed on Coinrotator.

supertrend speed
Adjust the settings to determine the speed of signal changes.
marketcap settings
Adjust marketcap settings +/- based on your risk tolerance.
signal streak
Adjusting signal streak lower will generate fresher signals but less price stability.

Coin Page

This page is designed to enable you to dive deeper into the tokenomics and price history of your chosen coin. The all-time high, all-time low, market cap, fully diluted valuation (FDV), and several other metrics are available for analysis. We will be adding additional metrics as we improve our data sources.

From the coin page, you can go directly to the exchange of your choice. DEX and CEX are available.

Coinrotator Roadmap

〉Strategy tutorials
〉Signal performance for individual markets
〉Shareable URLs for categories
〉Custom sorting of categories
〉Signal alerts
〉Total market sentiment based on signal strength (RSI oscillator)
〉Charts for all coins in Coinrotator
〉Advisory services
〉Wallet integration
〉Portfolio Management
〉In-app swaps and staking



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