Introduction to Trend Trading in Crypto

3 min readOct 5, 2023


Trend trading is a strategy that aims to capture gains through the analysis of an asset’s momentum in a particular direction. In the cryptocurrency market, this approach can be particularly effective due to the market’s high volatility and relatively small market size.


The Supertrend in action

SuperTrend is a trend-following indicator that is used to identify the direction of an asset’s momentum. It is calculated using the Average True Range (ATR), which helps measure volatility. A SuperTrend line below the price often indicates an uptrend, and a line above suggests a downtrend.


Volatility measures the degree of variation of a trading price series over time. In crypto markets, where price swings are often larger than traditional markets, understanding volatility is crucial. Traders often use ATR or Bollinger Bands to gauge volatility but the Supertrend has this embedded into its calculation too.

Measuring Position Size

One common method for determining position size is the “Percent Risk Method,” where you risk a small percentage of your trading capital on a single trade. This percentage can be adjusted based on volatility; higher volatility might mean reducing the position size.

Wide Range Bars vs Small Range Bars

wide range bars vs small range bars

Wide Range Bars (WRB) signal strong market momentum but pose challenges, particularly when CoinRotator issues a fresh trend alert. If a WRB emerges during such an alert, it’s a cue to exercise caution since your stop will be distanced further from your entry point, escalating your risk. It’s prudent to diminish your position size to adeptly manage this heightened risk.

On the flip side, Small Range Bars (SRB) usually indicate lower volatility, making it easier to control risk. Unlike WRBs, SRBs bring about a more favorable environment for maintaining stops closer to entry points, thus potentially offering a more manageable risk scenario.

Using CoinRotator for Confirming Trends and Managing Positions sorted by high percentage trading opportunities

The CoinRotator Indicator is an aid for managing trades and understanding the visual trend status. Utilize to confirm the trend status of your chosen coin and review the daily chart for complementary trends from the past 1–2 days. Before taking a position based on a fresh trend alert from CoinRotator, check for the presence of WRBs and adjust your position size accordingly.

Taking Profits, Scaling Out

Taking profits is essential in trend trading. One method is to scale out of a position. For example, you can sell half of your position when the asset hits a predetermined target and let the remaining half run.

Combining Indicators for Intraday Timeframes

CoinRotator Indicator in action

On intraday timeframes (4hr and lower), consider the following strategy:

  1. SuperTrend: Confirm the overall trend.
  2. CoinRotator Indicator: Use it to review the trend status and check for WRBs.
  3. Adjust Position Size: Reduce position size if WRBs are present to manage the increased risk effectively.

This combination allows you to optimize your entries and exits while managing risk, integrating the unique insights provided by the CoinRotator Indicator alongside the SuperTrend and WRB analysis.