Trading Weekly Altcoin Breakouts with Low Leverage

NEAR consolidated for 3 weeks before powering higher on rising volume with negative funding
  1. Layer 1 (LUNA, NEAR, AVAX, MINA
  2. Dao Altcoins (SUSHI, PEOPLE, BIT)
  3. CrossChain Bridge (SYN, SGT, ANY)
  4. Privacy (SCRT, ZEC, ROSE)
  5. Layer 2 (BOBA, IMX, LRC)
RAY is a great candidate for the low leverage swing trade with negative funding

Why do coins rise with negative funding?

Usually, there is an on-chain incentive to stake the coin, and people holding the spot version are trying to protect their downside.

Recent Winners

What about the liquidation risk?

This is where the optimal position size is important for your portfolio. You need to ensure you are not using more than 1x leverage on your brokerage account and second, the contract is perpetual. Don’t use futures that expire, this will screw up the strategy in a hurry as you won’t get paid and the contract could expire at a loss.

Where to find these plays?

Use the weekly screener on to find these low leverage plays.

Advanced Filter Settings for



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