Weekly Trend Signals Are Now Live

How Weekly Trend Signals Work

Open the all filters modal and slide the weekly to the right.

Signal Streak

Choose 1–5 for the freshest signals

Market Cap

Sort lower for small caps and larger for big caps which are more stable

Supertrend Settings

The default settings are faster than the standard model (10, 3)


Popular categories are easier to find but you can search the whole list

Benefits of Using the CoinRotator Weekly Signal

What you will read here has worked in crypto for 3 cycles. It is not a get rich quick approach or even a particularly clever one but it has been consistently profitable for several years. It also works in stocks, commodities, and forex.

Taking Profits

There are 3 approaches to taking profits.

No mathematical theories to obscure the simple rules here. There are a few very simple approaches to taking profits in crypto. Don’t let a winning trade become a losing one just because the market changes.

Using predetermined exits is a high yield strategy but it is subject to extreme volatility
The first bearish close after you are in profit is the exit signal



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